Travelling at the pace of Nature. Immersion in wild landscapes. Living simply. Sharing the company of others.


I've been kayaking for over thirty years. I find it's the purist way to connect with world around me. I'm passionate about sharing this process with others, immersing ourselves in wildness and enhancing our connection to the natural world. It can be wonderful fun too with the added bonus of a sense of accomplishment, often gained after a full day of kayaking and overcoming moments of challenge on the sea. 

I prefer not to refer to myself as a kayaking coach or an instructor, though I willingly impart as much information necessary for basic kayaking skills to be readily acquired. I don't expect technical kayaking perfection from the people I guide. Instead, by creating a safe paddling environment, I prefer to allow folks to develop for themselves the sea kayaking ability they may not have previously considered possible. Sea kayaking is like walking - it's a natural method of allowing us to explore more deeply the world around us. We travel no faster than nature intended us to. We glide silently in our sleek craft along the littoral realms of our world, not only as human observers but also as inclusive participants in the natural events we encounter. It's one of my greatest pleasures sharing these moments with folks, the instances of sheer joy when they discover the possibility of really and truly 'getting close' to Nature.

This is why I love working as a guide for Clearwater Paddling here in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.