Hello, my name is Wee Robbie Bear and I come from Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. I am very excited because I'm heading off on a big sea kayaking adventure to my new home down at Aberdovey in mid-Wales. You see, I'm from the R.N.L.I. Tobermory Lifeboat shop and I'm very proud to have been chosen to represent the Tobermory Lifeboat Crew to go and live in the R.N.L.I. Aberdovey Lifeboat station. I'm going to be Tobermory's representative in Aberdovey as a mark of our shared connection through our service in the R.N.L.I. My paddling partner Nick, used to help launch the Aberdovey Lifeboat when he worked for Outward Bound down there in 1985! (I knew he was old but not that old!)

To get there though, I have to kayak from Fort William in Scotland all the way to Aberdovey. I think this is a distance of 800 kilometres! Also, if this isn't hard enough, I have to climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon too! Apparently I'm raising money for a cancer charity called Odyssey who do brilliant work running outdoor courses for people with cancer.

I'm very proud to represent the R.N.L.I. and to remind my paddling partner Nick to take good care out on the sea and not to take any risks. I've watched him preparing our equipment and clothing for this adventure and I'm pleased to say he has everything we need to be safe. He even mended a small hole in the kayak we travelling in! Phew! I think he must be quite good at sea kayaking because in 2015 he kayaked, on his own, to all of the R.N.L.I. Lifeboat stations in Scotland. This was a journey of 2960 kilometres! I'm glad this particular adventure won't be so long. I hope that during this trip I'll be able to share some good ideas about keeping safe when you're sea kayaking. The message, "Respect the Water" is very important. 

Anyway, I will be blogging as often as I can, to tell you about my amazing adventure as it happens and I hope to show you some photos too. So please visit this blog as often as you can. You can follow my progress in real time during the day (and see where I'm camping at night) by following this link to our YB Tracker page. It will update our position every hour. 

Please will you help my paddling buddy achieve his fundraising goal and making a donation to his cause by clicking on the button below, thank you.

I'll sign off now and I'll write more when I have something interesting to share. 

Bye for now,

Wee Robbie Bear.