I am a confident and entertaining public speaker able to present on a wide range of interesting subjects with themes apposite for any occasion.

2015 in 2015

This is an illustrated presentation of my 1850 mile solo sea kayak journey around the Scottish coastline where I visited each of the forty seven R.N.L.I. lifeboat stations.

The presentation is an informative account of my adventure, detailing the many wonderful experiences I had, the people I met, the lifeboat stations I visited, the wildlife I was lucky enough to see and accounts of the many humorous incidents that occurred.

I can present for an hour or longer as required.

Themes: Adventure, Planning, Journey, Decision Making, Risk & Risk Management, Solitude, Scotland, R.N.L.I.

Ideal for outdoor activity clubs, sea kayaking symposiums, outdoor recreation courses, after dinner speeches, inspirational speaking, fundraising events.

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Living Simply

Choosing to live a life less encumbered can be a rewarding challenge. It requires a determination to declutter and live with less. We accrue huge amounts of 'stuff' that we carry with us through our lives. Unburdening ourselves of this and living with what we only need can be a revelation and life enhancing, not to say, financially beneficial.

This talk is presented from first hand experience, relating the challenges, the heart aches, the rewards and the ultimate benefits.

Themes: Simplicity, Downsizing, Health, Mental Health, Life Choice, Courage

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I am fortunate to have lived a life where adventure has been the core theme. From an early age I was exposed to adventurous experiences deep in the African bush. Since then I have lived and worked so that a spirit of adventure has been the central tenet of my life. My philosophy being - if I'm not living at the edge of my comfort zone then I'm not growing.

This talk draws on my wide ranging catalogue of adventurous experiences from living in Southern Africa to exploring the coastline of Scotland in my kayak. I explore what adventure means to me, how it enhances my life and how I believe that it is within the reach of anyone to reach beyond their perceptions.

Themes: Personal Development, Self Awareness, Beyond Our Comfort Zones, Risk, Taking Risks, Finding Adventure.

Ideal for conferences, after dinner speeches, outdoor recreation courses, outdoor activity clubs, inspirational speaking and fundraising events.

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