I am overwhelmed by the kindness from you all.

On 21st April I posted a Tweet appealing for financial assistance to buy a camera so that I could record my three peaks journey in the way that I wanted. This tweet received ninety one retweets, which for me is an incredible amount.

It took some nerve on my part to post this tweet. I sat for ages thinking it through, experiencing a range of emotions, feeling embarrassed, greedy, stupid and hopeful. I wasn't asking for a huge amount but it was enough for me to think very carefully about asking for assistance from a Twitter follow-ship I'm fortunate to garner warm support from, but one I didn't want to give the impression I was exploiting for selfish gain.

Well, of course in the end I decided to post the Tweet and I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming supportive response I received. Thank you to ALL of you who took time to read my Tweet, to 'Like' it and to 'Retweet' it. 

As a result I'm really fortunate to have received more money than I had asked for. I have purchased the camera I was desiring, an Olympus Tough TG5 and I have bought a refurbished iPad. This extra item is incredibly valuable to me because I will now be able to post online the photos I take en-route. In addition this will enable me to maintain an ongoing blog, keep my YBlog up to date and of course tweet away to my hearts content while in my tent. 

Kindness in words creates Confidence.
Kindness in Thinking creates Profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates Love
— Lao Tzu

I find it a challenge not to appear overly effusive when giving thanks and showing my appreciation when encountering this unwavering generosity. However, I am deeply grateful for the generosity of the nine people who gifted me their money so that I could achieve my desire. Kindness comes in so many shapes and forms and it certainly doesn't have to only come from friends. Our human capacity for compassion and warm generosity is limitless and it's certainly a humbling experience to be at the receiving end of this.

Two of my camera sponsors have asked to remain anonymous. My warmest thanks goes to everyone.

Thank You!










My appeal for funding has ended. I will use the camera with deep appreciation and a sense of affection for my donors, knowing that with many of the photographs I'm taking, they'll be in my mind. In fact, from now on there'll be an added piquancy to my photography because of the wonderful support I have received in words and actions from so many of you.

Thank you so very much and my warmest regards to you all.

Nick xx