This is My Plan

The time has come for me to enjoy another sea kayaking expedition.

200 miles of wild immersion

Very soon, I’ll set out from Tobermory to journey clockwise around the Isle of Mull, my home island. This will be no ordinary sea kayak journey where I follow the straightest lines, instead I’ll purposefully explore every nook and cranny of the island coastline. This means I’ll hug the coast and follow this wherever it takes me. This then will be a journey of exploration, where I will truly become acquainted from a littoral level with the wonderful island, I’m fortunate to call home.

I’m looking forward to discovering many fascinating facts, locations, and historical remains. I’m particularly interested in the early period of our Mulleach heritage, the Standing Stones, Duns, Brochs and Castles. Then too of course, there will be the interactions with our splendid wildlife. It is not uncommon for me to paddle within arm’s reach of otters and seals. I have once been privileged to have a magnificent White Tailed Eagle fly low over my head, so close I felt the forced air from its wingbeats ruffle my hair. I very much hope I’ll experience more of the same.

The distance I will cover equates to 200 miles or 320 kilometres. I have no time pressure and will not be travelling to a prescribed schedule. This will be a journey of personal immersion in the wild landscapes, solitude, and a reconnection to my self after three months as a patient on a psychiatric ward in Lochgilphead.

I will have my Yellowbrick GPS tracker which I’ll set to give spot location every fifteen minutes. This way you’ll be able to follow my progress, hour by hour. Additionally, I hope through have this fifteen minute interval, I’ll ‘draw’ and outline of Mull on my website map. This is purely for personal satisfaction but may be of interest to others.

I will be camping wild every night and will be self-supporting in that I’ll carry everything I require with me without the need to be resupplied.


I will also keep myself safe with prudent attention given to current weather forecasts and sea conditions. I’m a seasoned solo sea kayaker which means my judgement in making crucial decisions is sound. I have all the necessary safety equipment with me to ensure I keep warm, dry and most of, the ability to summon help in an emergency.

I am looking forward to this expedition very much. Having just spent three months as a psychiatric patient in hospital, this is just what I need right now. It’s going to be a restorative journey where I find myself reconnecting with all which is important to me. I’m looking forward to spending time with my beloved ‘Sahwira’ again - my NDK Explorer sea kayak.