About Me

Hello, my name is Nick and at heart I am an adventurer.

Credit: Charlie Phillips

My wife Karen and I live aboard our 11 metre yacht, with Ziggy the dog, on a mooring in the colourfully iconic Tobermory Harbour, on the isle of Mull, Scotland. I'm currently an itinerant sea kayaking adventurer and in my time (I'm midway through my fifties now), I've been an Instructor, Chief Instructor, Programme Director and Team Leader for Outward Bound in the UK (Wales and the Lakes), Lesotho, South Africa & Zimbabwe, an agri-sales rep in Zimbabwe, an Environmental Educationalist/Wildlife Sanctuary manager in Zimbabwe, a hotel manager, a mental health support worker, a psychotherapist & counsellor, a wilderness therapist, a facilitator, a jewellery maker, a boat yard worker and boatman, and a sea kayaking guide. I've also been a volunteer mountain rescue team member and team leader in the UK and Zimbabwe, a volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer in Scotland and among other things I am trained in advanced wilderness first aid, sea survival and emergency incident management. I'm now a voluntary Deputy Launching Authority for the Tobermory RNLI Lifeboat and on the lifeboat’s fundraising committee.

I am Zimbabwean with strong Scottish roots. I like nothing more than to immerse myself in the wild landscapes of Scotland where the combined human and natural heritage have innumerable tales to tell. Connecting meaningfully to Wildness and Nature, and understanding this connection, is integral to my philosophy on life. Without doubt many of my richest life experiences have occurred in the wild outdoors.

Through my life I've embarked on many remarkable journeys and adventures in the UK, Europe and Southern Africa. These include; ski-mountaineering in the Alps, rock climbing high mountain routes in the UK and Southern Africa, white water kayaking all around the UK and exploring the rivers of South Africa, Lesotho and Zimbabwe, innumerable hiking expeditions in the same countries, an almost equal number of sea kayak expeditions (many solo) here in the UK and in particular Scotland. I've also taken part in many adventure races such as the 3 Peaks Yacht Race, Scottish Island Peak Race and the Original Mountain Marathon. I enjoy setting myself personal challenges, the toughest of these kayaking 1850 miles solo around the Scottish coastline in 2015 to raise funds for the RNLI. 

I'm a dad to two wonderful adult children. My son is a talented filmmaker and photographer. My daughter is enjoying her career in the Royal Navy, and I must proudly add, it began auspiciously when she was awarded the Captain's Prize for being the best recruit in her basic training.

Rounding Cape Wrath in 2015

I live with Clinical Depression, a dreadful malaise which may hold me in its grip at any time. Thankfully with wonderful family and professional support around me, and with my active life in the outdoors, most of the time I'm able to hold my deep depressive lows at bay. However, there are times when I’m overwhelmed by a desire to complete my suicide. Thankfully, I have not made a serious attempt to do so but I have been hospitalised on many occasions for my safety. I'm open about my illness and suicide in the hope that by being so, I may offer help to others suffering too, and offer information to those who don't.

I look back on all my life experiences with a sense of pride and achievement and I continually feel blessed for the life I choose to live.