Keeping Safe

my yellow brick tracker

I am an experienced and accomplished kayaker and kayaking solo is second nature for me. I am also an accomplished mountaineer and wild country traveller. I take the responsibility of keeping myself safe very seriously. Adventuring outdoors involves a constant process of dynamic risk assessment. Given the inevitable challenging circumstances I will face, my experience and wisdom will determine the actions I follow. Extreme eventualities may not be foreseen but they will be mitigated by sound preparation.

I will be totally self sufficient with the means to camp, sleep, don dry clothing, eat hot food, and safely sit out periods of stormy weather. I will have the means to navigate with electronic and traditional methods. Working with accurate weather forecasts and tidal information will be a vital ongoing process. I will have the means to communicate (coverage allowing) by cell phone and VHF radio. Throughout my journey on the sea I will keep the Coastguard informed. I will have the means to attract emergency assistance with my registered personal locator beacon (PLB), rocket flares, signal flares and signal smoke. I will have a Yellowbrick satellite tracker which will update my location every hour (or less) and which will be visible on the internet to folks interested in my progress. This tracker will have the facility for alerting designated people in the event of an emergency but I will not rely on this. I will be wearing kayaking apparel suitable to the conditions. I will carry spare equipment and first aid. I know what action to take in the event of a forced exit from my kayak and I'm proficient in re-entering and continuing my journey if this should happen. 

This is an adventure which is well within my ability to undertake but I'm not complacent and if the conditions become too severe to complete the challenge safely, or my physical ability and health are inadequate, I will stop and retire.